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Just imagine a blend of the Caribbean together with Asian Zena nd tranquility... Our resort is known to be located in the heart of the island, minutes away from the island's most popular and internationally-recognized Madero Beach (Previously Mambo Beach). This beach is exactly what you've seen in commercials and is what everyone imagines when they say "Caribbean Getaway". We are very proud to have partnered up with Madero to offer you the best beach on the island. When you are guest at our resort, you will automatically get free daily access to the Beach and BLVD, and your Beach Bed is always reserved ahead of time, for your exquisite comfort.

We forgot to mention the entire Mambo BLVD! You will be able to shop in all the diverse shops and dine at the best variety of international cuisine all in one place! The Mambo BLVD has so much to offer, and is just minutes away from our resort.